Refund Policy

Conditional Refund Guarantee
In very few cases, a customer might not be fully gratified with the order proffered. In such instances, UrWritings usually guarantees full refund on circumstances that the client requested for the same within 3 days after being recipient. UrWritings will assume that you’re gratified with the order if the refund request is not made within three days. Thus the customer will stop being entitled for a refund after 72 hours have relapsed. The customer has the mandate to cancel the order prior to being recipient of the assignment. Although, the customer should be fully aware that accounts credits are not reimbursed. All order cancellations and reimbursement requests should be detailed in writing at the order messaging system. In regard to the same information the customer may also e-mail our support department. UrWritings holds the sole prudence to either granting or rejecting any requests. Usually this is executed on individual order basis relying on agreement infringement. Quite a few prospective matters may hamper you in getting the order before or on the commissioned deadline. These include;

Usually it is recommended that discounts and special offers on orders should not be combined. These two application should be founded on one order per client. UrWritings usually advises it’s customers that we offer discounts for those that use the standard academic research services only. Thus, it is cautioned that additional services that the customers uses might not be beneficial from the same incentives.

Late Payment
UrWritings policy accords that no order will be worked on until the customer commits full payment for that particular services or products. Thus, we will not take liability for the failure of prompt payment in any case.

Verification Issues
UrWritings fully acknowledges there are vast number of fraudsters with malicious aim of conning clients, thus our main priority lies of billing information security. We have the most safest and discrete mode of payment.

Lack of Clear Instructions
The customer is obliged to offer precise and clear information specification on the order they request to be done. However, in the cases where the customer does not proffer clear and precise instructions within the time-line set for completion of the order, UrWritings will not meet any associated guarantee.

The Sources
There usually arises cases where the appointed sources for the order are unavailable, obscure or not accessible to the public. Thus UrWritings usually requests the customers to offer such materials when placing the order or within the time frame given for the successful completion of the order within the duration listed below:

Within the first eight hours the clients should proffer the additional information if his/her order duration is between 48 hrs to 10 days. The customer should submit the additional information within the first sixty minutes if the order deadline is between 12hrs to 24hrs. The customer should submit additional information within the first 20 minutes if the deadline is within 12hrs or less.

UrWritings usually presume that is the customer files the order form and makes payment, he/she is aware and agrees with the terms and conditions after going through and they fully comprehend the policies outlined. UrWritings also presume that the customer comprehend that the agreement is binding. Afar from the guarantee and warranty offered, there shall not be any other instructions beyond the fore-mentioned will be proffered. All our customers are warned that using stolen credit card is illegal and a prosecutable crime. UrWritings works together with the State or Federal agencies to combat usage of stolen credit cards, all cases are report to these law enforcement Bureaus.