Classical Argument Essay

Please see the attached documentation for clarification too. This essay needs to have the following focus. This is already written. I need a very strong edit/rewrite however. It needs to be no more than 850 words in length. The formatting must be in APA. 3 sources need to be used. The classical argument framework needs to be analyzed and enhanced: 1. Intro: Attention Grabber, Explanation of issue, writer’s thesis and forecasting passage. 2. Presentation of Writer’s Position: Main body of essay, presents and supports each reason in turn, each reason is tied to a value or belief held by the audience 3. Summary of opposing views: Summary of views differing from writer’s(should be fair and complete) 4. Response to opposing views: refute or concede to opposing views, show weaknesses in opposing views. May concede to some strengths 5. Conclusion: bring essay to closure, sum up argument, leave strong lasting impression.

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